What makes a logo so important for branding?

August 13, 2021

What makes a logo so important for branding? - I Do Design Studio - Branding for Wedding ProfessionalsAt this point in time, most everyone knows that the logo for a product, service, or business in general, is arguably the most visual and memorable part of good branding. Logos carry a lot of weight by sending messages to consumers as to what they represent, thereby persuading them to purchase whatever goods or services said business advertises.

Take a look, for example, at a well-known company such as Disney; what comes to mind when you see their logo on a toy, a piece of clothing, or a movie or television series (most notedly, movies and television series of the past)? Nostalgia? A sense of wonder and imagination? Fun memories with family and friends at a famous theme park? Favorite songs that get stuck in your head in a good way? Suffice it to say that Disney has indeed mastered the art of good branding; so much so, that they are easily the largest company in the world!

How does this apply when designing your logo? Well, for one, it always helps to look first at how companies that have mastered this concept use it in the real world. This way, we know what to do with our own logos so that it’s easier to stand out from the crowd. There are three key concepts to take note of whenever businesses design their logos:

1. Keep it Simple

A good logo looks solid, as though it will stand the tests of time. Cheap logos look flimsy, complicated, and in short, unmarketable on a worldwide level. The trick to having a solid logo is to keep its design simple and to the point. As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. This exact principle applies directly to logo design, as they are images meant to speak to your consumer base. Look at clothing store logos; oftentimes, logos for clothing stores such as American Eagle Outfitters or Old Navy involve a simple stately font. In the case of American Eagle, the only additive in its design is the eagle itself. It doesn’t look like a whole lot, but that’s okay because it doesn’t take a whole lot to make a good logo.

2. Color Scheme is Everything

The color choices made in a logo are key in branding because it helps make the logo memorable. That being said, re-read the above paragraph, and remember simplicity is also everything. Start with a simple sketch of what you want your logo to be. Sometimes the initial design process will actually clue you into what the color choices need to be. Also, take a look at logos that inspired your own; what did they do in terms of color, and how can you make yours unique? If you still find yourself stuck on what color to make your logo, then just play around with it for a while. Ask some friends or coworkers what they think it should be, and then make a decision. Remember that this part of the design process may take a while, so you don’t need to feel rushed when working on it.

3. Think on a Broad Scope

This goes hand-in-hand with point #1, but it is always important to think on a grand scale when designing your logo. Again, keep it simple, but don’t be afraid of creating a logo for your brand that will help boost your company into the big leagues. While it is hard to predict future success so early in the game, it does pay to prepare for the future with the logo design. In fact, a good logo design may help you stay on the straight and narrow in building your business for success, and inspire you during rough times to keep going. 

Designing a good solid logo is key to making your brand memorable in the minds of your consumers. It takes careful thought as to how you wish to portray your business in a singular image, but following the three tips listed above should be of great help to you. Keep it simple, use a solid color scheme, and think on a broad scale when designing your logo, and you’re sure to succeed in your business.

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