A website designer for wedding vendors

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The solution for wedding professionals who need a stunning, strategic website, but don't have the time or technical know-how to create it themselves. In just five days, we'll take your online presence from lackluster to luminous, crafting a site that not only looks beautiful but also draws in your dream clients.

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Craving a Website That Shines

Your current website doesn't capture your unique wedding services. It's time for a site that truly reflects your business.

Tired of DIY Website Stress?

You're a wedding pro, not a web designer. Skip the DIY stress and let us create a site that does the heavy lifting for you.

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You're ready to shine in the crowded wedding industry. A stunning, effective website is your ticket to attracting more of your ideal clients.







A website designer for wedding vendors


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How It Works

Click the button to view our availability and request your project date. We'll approve or deny your request within 1 business day (we move quick around here!)

You'll get access to any Showit template from my library, including exclusive templates not available for public purchase.

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We'll take your site from zero to launched in just a week. How does that sound?

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To ensure we're a perfect match for your website transformation, we ask you to answer a few questions when you apply for our 'Web Elopement' service. It's our way of popping the question!

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what's included

5 pages + blog designed using your copy, colors, and imagery

Mobile-optimized design so your website looks beautiful across all devices

2x Rounds of refinements

Website walkthrough  video + 14-days post launch support

Access any Showit template from my library, including exclusive, not for sale options.

Basic implementation of your preferred third party services like calendly and flodesk

A speedy and easy process to take you from 0 to launched in 5 days

Font + Color Palette Implementation

 - Alexandra, Venue Owner

"Working with 'I Do Design' was a game-changer for my wedding venue business. In just one week, they transformed my website into a stunning showcase for my venue. Now, I'm booking more weddings than ever before!"

A website designer for wedding vendors

A website designer for wedding vendors

Relies heavily on social media to promote your business, but dreams of a more efficient way to connect with your perfect clients?

Recognizes the need for a better website but feels overwhelmed by the daunting task of bringing it to life and doesn't know where to start?

Has invested in wedding marketing platforms only to question their effectiveness and value?

Well are you a wedding professional who...

Aspires to book more clients and increase sales without resorting to costly advertising, but instead through a website that organically draws in your dream couples?

Feels a pang of embarrassment when directing clients to your outdated website that no longer reflects the quality of your services?

Frequently answers calls and emails about basic information that your website should be providing?

Pondering If We're the Perfect Match?

you may be wondering about some things

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to prepare before we begin?

Before we start, you'll need to have your branding (logo, colors, fonts), website copy (text), and images ready. We'll also send a questionnaire to understand your business and your goals for the website.

What if I need more than five pages for my website?

Our standard 'Website in a Week' package includes up to five pages. If you need more pages, we offer additional page customization as an add-on service.

What platform do you use to build the websites?

We use Showit to build the websites. Showit is a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for you to make updates to your website after it's launched.

What if I don't have a logo or branding yet?

If you don't have a logo or branding yet, we offer a 'Mini Text Based' logo as an option. This includes the creation of a simple logo and a color palette for your website.

Do you offer any guarantees?

While we can't guarantee specific results (as they can depend on many factors outside of our control), we can guarantee that we'll provide a professional, attractive, and effective website that aligns with your brand and is designed to attract your ideal clients.

Say no more - How do I get started?

To get started, simply contact us to book your 'Website in a Week'. We'll then schedule a strategy session to kick off the process.

Ready to Say 'I Do' to a New Website?

Your dream website is just a week away. Imagine having a stunning, strategic online presence that not only looks beautiful but also attracts your ideal clients. With our Web Elopement package, that dream can become a reality. Don't let another day go by with a website that doesn't reflect the value you provide. It's time to step into the spotlight and let your business shine. Are you ready to take the leap?

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I Do Design Studio specializes in bespoke web and brand design for wedding pros. As a designer and venue manager, we blend beauty, functionality, and SEO to elevate your online presence.


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