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Need a stunning website in a hurry? Skip the line with our 'Website in a Week' service is perfect for wedding professionals who want a beautiful, functional, and mobile-friendly website without the long wait. Get ready to impress your clients and boost your online presence in just one week.

Website in a Week

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Looking for a website that's uniquely you? Our 'Bespoke Websites' service offers a custom website design that reflects your brand's personality and caters to your specific needs. Let's create a website that not only looks great but also works hard for your business.

Bespoke Websites

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"Working with Ariel was like finding a hidden treasure! I was struggling to create a website that truly represented my business, Wonder Events. I had the vision, but lacked the time and skills to bring it to life. That's when Ariel stepped in. She didn't just create a website; she crafted an online presence that was a perfect reflection of my brand.

Ariel's professionalism and organization were evident from the start. She immediately understood the layout I envisioned and brought it to life with her expert skills. The process was stress-free and enjoyable, thanks to Ariel's dedication and creativity. 

Since launching the website, my business has transformed. The credibility and professionalism that the site exudes have been invaluable. I can confidently say that working with Ariel was the best decision I made for my business.

If you're considering hiring Ariel, don't hesitate! Her services are a game-changer. She takes the stress out of website design, allowing you to focus on what you do best - running your business. 

"You truly are a brilliant designer and an absolute joy to work with"


"Before working with Ariel at I Do Design, we were winging our marketing plan, doing things in-house without a clear strategy. We had a vision but didn't know how to bring it to life. That's when Ariel stepped in and transformed our business.

Post-refresh, we've received fantastic feedback, especially for our jewelry look book. Ariel didn't just design them; she helped with the printing process and even turned it into interactive digital flipbook, creating an engaging experience for our customers. Retailers have been stopping by our booth at shows, jewelry look book in hand, eager to discuss the eye-catching designs. Ariel also helped make over our newsletter which has been a hit.

Working with Ariel was a pleasure. Despite our many edits, she was patient, responsive, and quick to turn things around. Her creativity, attention to detail, and professionalism are unmatched.

We would absolutely recommend I Do Design to anyone in need of a strategic and creative partner. Ariel's work doesn't just make your business look good; it brings your vision to life and delivers results."

"Ariel's work doesn't just make your business look good; it brings your vision to life and delivers results."


"Before working with Ariel, we at Full Circle Streaming & Digital had a vision and potential, but without a website, it was all talk. Ariel changed that. She transformed our vision into a tangible, organized, and beautifully designed platform that truly legitimizes our business and lets our portfolio shine.

Working with Ariel was a fluid experience. She's incredibly easy to communicate with and has a unique ability to listen, internalize, and reflect the information we gave her into a modern design that perfectly balances information and aesthetics.

Since working with Ariel, we've seen a significant boost in our digital presence. We're now proud to share our website URL with clients, potential prospects, networking connections, friends, and family alike. It's not just a website; it's a testament to our services and a key part of our overall success.

To anyone thinking of hiring Ariel, I'd say this: Ariel is the complete professional package. From start to finish, she uses her design and SEO skill set to amplify the parts of your digital presence that you might be lacking. She's not just a designer; she's a partner in your success.

We wouldn't be where we are today without Ariel's help. Thank you, Ariel, for helping us turn our vision into reality."

"She's not just a designer; she's a partner in your success."


"Working with Ariel was a game-changer for our business. From the moment we saw our new site, we were in awe - it was absolute perfection. Ariel completely understood our vision and the essence of our business, crafting a design that not only reflects who we are but also resonates with our ideal clients - fun, modern, and adventure-driven couples.

The process was incredibly easy, thanks to Ariel's flexibility, support, and in-depth understanding of the wedding industry. She made the entire redesign process seamless and stress-free, accommodating our busy schedule and providing exceptional resources.

Since the launch, we've seen a surge in inquiries and bookings. We're now booked out for the year, and we've even been able to raise our prices. Our newfound confidence and professionalism have translated into a thriving business. In fact, we had a record-breaking $40K month after working with Ariel!

Our website has become a powerful tool for attracting our ideal clients and a true reflection of our brand. We love our website so much, and we know our business wouldn't be where it is now if it wasn't for Ariel's expertise. She's truly propelled our business to new heights."

"we had a record-breaking $40K month after working with Ariel"


"Taking over Beach Glass Estates was a dream, but its reputation needed a makeover. That's when we found Ariel at I Do Design. From our first meeting, Ariel understood our vision and transformed it into a stunning, strategic website that truly reflected our venue's unique charm.

The results? An 88% revenue increase, a 47% rise in inquiries, seriously I didn't understand the power of a good brand and website. We've received countless compliments and our Google ranking is soaring. But the real magic is in the details - the user-friendly design, the streamlined CRM, and the private pricing page that's been a game-changer.

Working with I Do Design wasn't just an investment, it was a partnership that transformed our business. Ariel's expertise and design skills have made our website more than we could have ever imagined. I'd recommend I Do Design to any wedding professional looking for a strategic partner who can make their business shine."

"it's more than I could have ever imagined"


"Working with I Do Design was a transformative experience for College Success Plan. Before we started, our website was outdated and lacked functionality. But Ariel gave new life into our online presence. They not only gave our brand a much-needed uplift but also revamped our website, making it vibrant, easy to navigate, and updated with the latest functionalities.

What stood out was their ability to integrate our site with our mass mailing and customer management software programs. This has saved us hours of administrative time and made it easier for our clients to find us and sign up for our services directly on our site.

But the journey was not just about the results. Ariel made the process enjoyable and manageable. Even without any web design experience, I never felt overwhelmed. Ariel broke down all the information into easy-to-follow questionnaires and was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure we were 100% thrilled with the product.

If you're considering hiring I Do Design, don't hesitate. Their professionalism, expertise, and attentiveness are unmatched. Ariel is  not just a web designer; She's a problem solver who will stop at nothing to ensure your website is a true reflection of your brand and a tool that drives your business forward."

"Ariel's more than a web designer, she's your brand's problem solver.."

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Ready to take your brand to the next level? Our 'Branding' service helps you create a cohesive and compelling brand that resonates with your ideal clients. From logo design to color palette selection, we'll help you craft a brand that truly stands out.


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I Do Design Studio specializes in bespoke web and brand design for wedding pros. As a designer and venue manager, we blend beauty, functionality, and SEO to elevate your online presence.


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