Branding & Website desing for the wedding industry

An unforgettable experience that couples will cherish from the day they lay their eyes on you all the way to saying “I do”

The timeless efforts you put into making couples’ dreams come true should apply to you and your business. Let’s make magic happen!

Is your website everything you imagined it would be?

Uh oh, did you take a pause to answer? No worries! That’s where I come in.

You deserve a high-end  beautiful website that not only looks amazing, but evokes all the feels. Systems and integrations in place to run on autopilot behind the scenes so you can focus on your business, your couples, and signing off to spend time doing what makes you happy.

Does your website have potential couples saying I Don’t instead of I Do?

We all know how stressful a wedding can be, your website shouldn’t add to that stress.

what it would be like if you could: 

✔ book out months/years in advance
✔ sell your services before even jumping on a call or giving a tour
✔ charge more than your competition
✔ be picky about who you book - buh-bye bridezillas
✔ celebrate your massive success

I can hear the cha chings already, can you?!

High-End Semi-Custom Website


A beautiful and functional website that draws couples in and radiates your passion for making their wedding day spectacularly extraordinary, like them.

• Design questionnaire + brand strategy
• Up to 6 custom designed pages
• Responsive design optimized for mobile/tablet
• Social media + newsletter integration
• Basic CMS, SEO, + Google Analytics set up
• 2 rounds of refinements
• 24/7 Showit/Squarespace support
• 7 day post-launch support

Semi-Custom Website

A beautiful and functional website that draws couples in and radiates your passion for making their wedding day spectacularly extraordinary, like them.


High-End Custom Website & Integrations

Effortlessly attract couples with a gorgeous website and stress-free experience through behind the scenes integrations that flow, automate, and seamlessly integrate with your business. The secret weapon: a client relationship management (CRM) software. 

The benefits of having one in place works two-fold. Internally, you streamline your back-end processes so that you no longer have to spend precious time on manual work that can be automated. Externally, couples will love how efficient and smooth everything is from contacting you to working together. 


Are you ready to woo couples and pop some bubbly?

book a discovery call



How The Magic Happens


We’ll hop on a call to discuss your vision & see if we’re a match made in heaven. If we are (yay!), we’ll make it official and prep for the big project!


Get excited, because strategy plays a HUGE role in creating intentional visuals that spark. We’ll dive in together and cover all the bases.

design + Development

Sprinkling magic dust everywhere to bring your dream website  to life. We’ll refine it twice until it’s everything you imagine!


Pop a bottle of champagne because it’s time to reveal your elevated visuals to the world and all the beautiful couples!

Love Notes

“Ariel inspired me with her thoughts, creativity, brilliance, and care. Together we created and brought my vision to life. I was so impressed with Ariel’s sincere desire to create the perfect website for me. She’s a genius at keeping my website up to date each month too so I can concentrate on other aspects of my business. I could not be happier with the results; Ariel is truly gifted and genuine and I am so blessed that through this whole process.”


"I couldn’t have done it without her!"

"Before working with Ariel I had no concept of my brand visually. Ariel helped me develop a color scheme that felt right for me, a logo that encompassed my whole brand, and a website that is stunning. The thing that made me hire Ariel is that she was so personable. She brought so much energy to the daunting experience of creating a website. Ariel helped my site come to life and really helped me to see my business's full potential."


"She brought so much energy to the daunting experience of creating a website"

Ariel has an excellent feel for colors and is very artistic in her designs. Not only did she design my logo, but she overhauled my website completely. My website looks stunning and I have received so many compliments for it. Ariel is a wonderful website designer and her graphics are truly out of this world. I really feel very lucky that I met her. I highly recommend Ariel for all your website and graphic design needs. 


"She is a true gem"

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long is the process?

This is completely dependent on which service(s) you select! Branding is approximately 2-3 weeks, website design is 3-4 weeks, and website design with integrations is 4-5 weeks.

Which website platforms do you work best with?

Are there any other costs involved?

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It’s time to elevate your business with strategic and intentional visuals that captivate the hearts of couples.