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What You Need to Know

There are a few things you need to understand about your business to make the best content marketing strategy choice:

  • Know Your Target Audience

There are different types of weddings based on various factors like cultures, religions, and styles. A wedding ceremony could fall in either of these classes; a traditional, romantic, DIY, destination, or vintage wedding. 

Additionally, many people conclude that brides are masterminds behind their weddings. So, in line with that, there are various types of brides. The types of brides include bridezillas, princess brides, brides on a budget, and loveable brides, to mention a few.

Now that you know the type of clients in the market, you can narrow down your choice depending on your preference. 

  • Decide on a Niche

After reviewing the types of weddings and brides, decide on a niche you feel most comfortable with. Niching down helps you filter out clients in the future and perfect your services and marketing skills, although selecting a category may take some time. So, you can handle all your clients initially and identify the kind of weddings you love to hold with time.

  • Set Up a Website

A website is the backbone of your content marketing. Potential clients learn more about your services on the website and even get testimonials from previous clients. For better marketing results, invest in high-quality photos and videos on your website page. Also, make sure it stays up to date with all your events to keep the audience engaged.

Content Marketing Strategies

Once you have the business website ready, it’s time to sharpen your content marketing skills and win your clients.

1. Prioritize SEO

We cannot talk about marketing and leave out SEO. Although SEO marketing is not a one-day exercise, it is one of the best and most effective strategies. 

First, it is wise to create a Google My Business page for your business for local listings. The page can help clients locate your business locally on Google maps. On the Google My Business page, you can request previous customers to leave a positive review about your services. 

The reviews help with Google ranking, which helps market your business. You can even ask family, relatives, and friends who know of your services to write a review on your page. These reviews help convince potential clients who visit your local listing page, giving you a chance to win them over. You can also add a link to your website where clients can learn more about the business.

Another critical SEO marketing strategy is the correct use of keywords. Using the right keywords helps with Google ranking. Hence, clients can find your website easily. For instance, if you specialize in planning vintage weddings, you can use keywords like “luxury vintage wedding planner in North Carolina.” 

Research top-ranking keywords and use them on your website content regularly. Specific keywords help filter out clients and give you more visibility to the appropriate audience.

Lastly, incorporating a blog into your website is a great idea. Using FAQs from most brides, select the most inquired topics and create content around that. Answer all the questions in each case and post them on your website. On the blogs, you can incorporate related keywords as well, which will boost your SEO. Having an informed blog helps convince potential clients because they trust that you understand your business’ field.

2. Invest in Your Social Media Accounts

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you cannot skip these socials when creating a marketing strategy. Identify the strongest of them and invest your time and resources to build a good image. 

For instance, millennials are the largest population, most of them are on Instagram and Facebook, and they make up the most significant population of brides and grooms. So, invest in updating these social media pages with high-quality photos and videos frequently. The more you post on your pages, the more attention you draw to your target audience. Additionally, pair up your posts with the right keyword hashtags so that your target audience can easily find your content.

Most importantly, consult with your clients and photographers about their comfort in publishing that content on your social platforms. If they are okay, that’s when you can proceed and give credit to the necessary parties. For instance, mention or tag the photographer and other service providers and maybe request them to mention you from their end. These tags also introduce your business to a new audience.

Another social platform to consider is Pinterest. Most brides visit Pinterest for a gown, venue, and decoration ideas, so post your content there. If your content inspires a potential bride or her team, they can visit your profile and consult you. Lastly, don’t forget to include your website link on your social media pages and posts.

3. Partner With Publications

Before any partnership, confirm if your clients are comfortable with sharing their content. If they agree, it’s a win-win partnership for both of you. You get a new and broader audience and create an excellent image for your clients. 

The publication could be international, national, or local, depending on your preference and the level of your business. Your focus when selecting a digital magazine should be the magazine’s target audience. If your audience relates to the publication’s target audience, that’s when you strike a deal.

Why You Need to Invest in Content Marketing

Traditional marketing is not enough today. Millennials, who are the target audience, love everything digital. You must therefore improvise every possible means to tap the market and meet consumer needs. Content marketing is a broad topic, and these are some of the basics to get you started. To help you take full advantage of all necessary content marketing strategies, contact I Do Design Studio today.

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