With the internet growing fast, couples increasingly use online technologies to plan their wedding. For example, they leverage websites to look for inspirations and the right people to help them make their wedding day a big success.

As a wedding professional looking to thrive in the industry, you need to stay on top of this trend and take advantage to grow your business. Otherwise, your competitors will leave you behind, and in the worst situation, you may even lack clients to sustain your wedding business.

The good news is that we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of how the wedding planning process has gone virtual. We’ll also dive deep into how to update your website to strengthen your wedding business.

A few years ago, the wedding industry was primarily store-base. But with the outburst of reliable online transaction systems, engaged couples are starting to buy wedding items online. For instance, they buy wedding dresses and rings from the comfort of their homes in e-commerce stores.

According to research, global online shopping statistics have increased dramatically. In 2016, there were 1.66 billion online buyers, and the number skyrocketed to over 2.14 billion in 2021. This drastic rise shows that online transactions are becoming common worldwide.

So, whether you’re a wedding professional selling gowns, rings, flowers, or catering services, starting or improving your online store can boost sales in your business. After all, your wedding couples will appreciate the convenience of getting their wedding items from the comfort of their home.

2. Couples are Looking for Testimonials and Reviews online Before Working with a Professional

People leverage website testimonials to decide the business to trust, and the couples you’re targeting are no different. Statistics say 95% of your audience makes buying decisions based on online reviews and testimonials.

That’s solid evidence that the online world plays a huge role when couples look for an experienced photographer, skilled florists, bakers, and a beautiful venue for their wedding day. Your potential clients nowadays value online testimonials and reviews for two primary reasons. First, more positive testimonials on your website show that you can deliver the results they desire, meaning they can trust you with their wedding project.

Second, genuine testimonials on your website offer an independent perspective about your business—no sugarcoating. As a result, they show the real picture of your value proposition that sets you apart from the competition.

For this reason, you need to establish a strong online presence that displays your testimonials and reviews. That may mean tweaking a few features on your website or entirely changing the design.

3. Couples Heavily Rely on the Web for Wedding Ideas

The internet floods with content. Information that was rare in the early ages is easily accessible on the web today. As a result, couples leverage the online pool of information to get inspiration for their wedding.

For example, younger couples nowadays are striving to make their weddings one-of-kind. The internet offers them dozens of dressing and decoration ideas they can blend to create a unique theme for their big day. Even more, the rise of online wedding planner websites and apps is reducing couples’ burdens when planning their weddings.

Additionally, couples are a web search away from a wedding venue that suits their liking. They no longer need to travel long distances looking for the perfect setting for their wedding. Instead, they access various venues online, evaluate their options, and check for the price via their smartphone.

As a wedding professional, you are missing out on increasing the client list in your business if you’re not leveraging this opportunity. Read on to identify how you can improve your online presence and boost your bottom line as a wedding business.

4. Couples Use the Internet to Hire or Learn More About a Business

Statistics show that 97% of potential clients learn more about a local business online than anywhere else. What’s more, 88% of online searches for a local business on smartphones result in prospects calling a business within 24 hours. These stats reveal the strong influence of the internet on the wedding industry.

How to Improve Your Website and Thrive in the Wedding Industry

Couples are looking for solutions online concerning their wedding plans. If your site offers a poor user experience, you’ll miss out on boosting your business performance.

For this reason, you need to improve your website and take your wedding business to the next level. Here are the changes you can implement.

Revamp Your Website’s Design

Your website is the first impression of your brand, considering potential customers in the wedding industry are interacting with businesses primarily online. As a result, it’s essential to revamp an outdated website.

An experienced website designer can help you reorganize your dashboard and use attention-grabbing themes for a fresh look. That way, you’ll easily capture the attention of potential clients and communicate your brand message.

Include Testimonials on Your Website

Adding client testimonials to your site helps you build trust with new prospects who know nothing about you. Testimonials work like referrals from a loyal client to a potential client, and naturally, people tend to believe other product or service users.

There are two effective ways to incorporate testimonials into your site. First, you can use text content as testimonials. Just ensure each testimonial has a customer’s photo to increase credibility. Alternatively, you can use video testimonials, which are excellent in attracting attention.

Leverage Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Local SEO involves improving your website to rank better in search engines like Google. Local SEO entails using local keywords that target specific areas where you’re likely to convert potential clients into customers.

Suppose you are a wedding photographer operating in various areas of Tennessee. In that case, you can use the following keywords in your web pages:

  • Wedding photographer in Nashville
  • Wedding photographer in Knoxville
  • Wedding photographer in Johnson City

An Experienced Web Designer Wants to Help You Improve Your Website

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