How Can You Benefit from Pinterest as a Wedding Pro?

October 18, 2022

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As businesses in the wedding industry compete for the market, creating awareness for your enterprise becomes pretty essential. I bet you didn’t know how well you can boost your wedding business growth with Pinterest.

Did I say Pinterest? As shocking as it might sound, Pinterest is the real deal for any wedding pro today.

No doubt, marketing your wedding planning business on Pinterest can fascinatingly change your fortunes. Here are expert tips on using Pinterest to up your game in 2022.

More than Just a Social Media Platform

Before I take you for a ride, there’s something important you should know. Here’s the secret. Though it’s common for people to include Pinterest in the same group as Instagram, Facebook, and Quora, Pinterest is more than a social media platform. It’s more of a search engine like Google or Bing and could increase leads to your business. 

So, how can Pinterest transform my business as a wedding professional?

How Pinterest Works for Your Wedding Business

When clients send their Pinterest account links, it helps you know what they expect in their wedding. Besides, you also use Pinterest to get new ideas and inspiration and share your works with your potential clients.

You could be missing a lot if that’s all you could do with Pinterest. Time to wake up!

Did you know Pinterest has millions of active users searching for pictures daily? There’s a way you can profit from this large cache of the online pool to send leads to your wedding business.

To make the idea clearer, let’s look at how Pinterest functions like Google:

Prioritizes the Most Relevant Content

Pinterest displays search results in the order of their relevance. It uses an algorithm to rank your content per the number of pins it has. Hence, Pinterest’s algorithm understands that good content should have more pins and appear at the top.

Uses Keywords

Pinterest relies on keywords to display content on search results. That means knowing how to optimize your content through keyword research is essential.

Drives Traffic from Clicks

Like Google, Pinterest boosts your website traffic from clicks on the pins you share. When people click on your Pins, it redirects to your products, blog posts, or image gallery.

How Should You Use Pinterest to Generate More Traffic to Your Website?

Instead of pinning posts, take a bolder step to create and optimize your content for Pinterest. Here’s what you can do to attract Pinterest users to your wedding business and make more sales.

Create a Pinterest Business Account

Setting up a Pinterest business account allows Pinterest to know what you do. Besides, a business account also gives you access to analytics where you can track your account’s performance.

Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

Going to sleep after creating a Pinterest business account could be your biggest undoing. I don’t mean to scare you, right! The solution is simple: optimize your profile. That means auditing your profile to make it SEO-friendly and attract new customers.

Use Pinterest’s resources like CategoriesPossibilities Planner, and Pinterest Trends to research relevant keywords for your wedding business. With these resources, you could create topics and subcategories in the wedding industry to meet your clients’ needs. Make notes on trending wedding venues, styles, and floral types. And don’t forget to pin your photos that include these keyword elements. Your website images, blog posts, and social media posts should revolve around these keywords.

Be sure to include high-ranking keywords in places like your:

  1. Profile name
  2. Bio description
  3. Board title
  4. Pin description
  5. Pin title
  6. Board descriptions

Add a Profile Photo

People can trust you when they know you’re real. In that case, I recommend you have a profile photo. It should be a high-quality image of you or your team. You can use a background image or short video also. These pictures have a way of attracting customers to your business.

Use a Pin Assistant 

Using a pin scheduler is essential to growing your wedding business with Pinterest. Why spend a whole day pinning when Tailwind can do it for you? A tailwind is interactive software that allows you to schedule Pinterest pins in advance.

Tailwind comes with a pin lock system that recommends the most suitable time to pin. It tracks your followers to know the perfect time to pin your post.

With Tailwind, you can spend more time creating content and less pinning them. As we speak, I have two content batches for the next three weeks with about 15 pins each day.

Clean Your Boards

Having tons of boards could confuse Pinterest about who your target audience is. 

If you want to up your Pinterest game, get rid of the mess on your boards. Run a health check on your boards and hide those items that are not exclusive to your service.

When creating your boards, have your target audience in mind. Know what they’re searching for and create relevant boards.

Track Your Performance with Pinterest Analytics

If you want to be relevant as a wedding pro, use a tool that works.

Having a business account grants you automatic access to Pinterest Analytics. Now, let me show you what to do with it.

Once you enter your Pinterest analytics page, your primary interest should be the website traffic volume. Check the images or products that drive the highest traffic to your blog. Hence, pay extra attention to your top-ranking performers.

You can move further to create new pins with images that you didn’t use before on Pinterest. With that, you could drive leads to your products and services. Since you already know the photos that perform well, you could create eye-catching graphics with them.

Bottom Line

No matter how long you’ve been in the wedding industry, Pinterest can help you expand your customer base. All you need to scale your business is a clear Pinterest marketing strategy. We’ll be excited to see you at the top. So, feel free to apply our tips and set realistic goals for yourself. Contact us today and let us know your present situation.

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