How to Develop a Style Guide for Your Wedding Business’s Content and Social Media Posts

January 9, 2022

How to Develop a Style Guide for Your Wedding Business's Content and Social Media PostsSocial media has become the largest marketplace for brands and individuals that want to achieve greater visibility. It is a one-of-a-kind marketplace where you build communities of loyal fans, your unique voice, and your identity as a brand or individual. You may have noticed your peers who do exceedingly well with their well-penned and calculated posts that leave their fans drooling, and you wonder why you are still lagging on the same. Social media may not be your forte, but that does not mean you cannot excel.

Do you want posts that get reposted? Want your fans to enjoy your sassy and biting tweets? You are in luck. You only need to master one thing. The one thing your competitors may have already going in their favor—a social media style guide. It is precisely what you need to light a fire under your fans with your sultry posts.

Before we dive in, here’s a caveat: consistency is king. Most brands you look up to have consistency engraved deep in the core of their social media. To earn loyalty from your fans, you’ve got to give them a consistent dose of your content. If you are not willing to commit to a consistent routine, you are doomed to fail from the onset.

What Is a Social Media Style Guide?

A solid social media style guide is the resource that governs your brand’s social appearance and actions. It gives a clear road map for multi-channel content relevant to shaping the thoughts and opinions of people whenever they hear your name and what they say and feel about you. In addition, it gives a breakdown of how to convey the actions needed for your social media marketing strategy success.

It is also the foundation of content consistency, and it determines how people identify you and your brand and the steps to maintain a cohesive social media presence. It is the glue that binds your entire team, keeping them on the same page.

A style guide comes in handy to avoid slip-ups and confusion regarding the dos and don’ts of your brand and ensures that all posts are in sync with your brand’s appearance and tone. So, now that you agree that a style guide is your brand’s lifeline in matters of relevance on social media, here are a couple of things to include in yours to ensure it is all that and more.

7 Components of a Killer Social Media Style Guide

1. Your Social Profiles

Your social media profiles are the first thing your style guide requires. Write all the current profiles you own on every platform. Writing them all is a surefire way to synchronize them. The last thing you need is a Twitter hashtag on motivation Monday, while the Instagram hashtag is man crush Monday. Writing all your profiles in the style guide eliminates the guesswork and confusion on the hashtags, trends, and acronyms that seamlessly blend with your brand’s voice.

It also provides guidelines for you to format usernames. For instance, if your brand name is unavailable, what modifications will you allow? You may add HQ or Official or US or anything you decide to your brand name.

2. Brand Voice

Your brand voice distinguishes you from your competitors and creates familiarity with your clients. It is essential to have a consistent brand voice across all social platforms. For example, if you choose humor, that should be the voice all around social media. Otherwise, you send mixed messages to your clients.

Ultimately, you need to find a balance. Platforms like LinkedIn require a professional tone, while others allow you to be goofy and even post memes. Allow room for customizing your language across social media. Once you find your voice, describe it the best way possible. For instance, voice: humorous, optimistic, puns allowed, playful with positive responses, avoid sarcasm, arrogant replies or mocking followers or competitors, etc.

3. Terminology and Grammar

No, this is not about whether or not to use AP Style. It covers abbreviations, in-house terminology, proper punctuation, and other elements relevant to creating cohesive content. Social media allows you to loosen the necktie a little bit. Have fun with it.

4. Formatting Posts

Choose a way to format status updates, other posts, and links. For instance, how many hashtags are acceptable within a post, how long should a post be, to use emojis or not, etc. Laying out these guidelines promotes a streamlined process for your team when sharing content.

Also, choose how to attribute your content across all channels. For example, you can send posts as the company or leave a name-initials signature to let people see who they are communicating with.

5. Answering Questions

Outline how you will respond to customer questions in your style guide. Having a formal way to respond creates unity across your social channels. Everyone working on your social platforms should be able to give your customers similar answers. For example, imagine calling your phone company, and two representatives give you varying responses. You do not want to confuse your clients. Therefore, the answers to similar questions should be the same throughout your socials.

6. Dealing With Competitor Interactions

When a competitor interacts with you on social media, you need to have a response in place. You should not tolerate anger outbursts, mockery, and arrogant comments. Your style guide should clearly define how to handle such interactions respectfully and confidently. Remember, what’s important is building your brand’s personality and being consistent.

7. Visuals

You should include standards and limits for the images to be shared. Consider visuals like videos, photos, graphics, and choose a theme that enhances the appearance of your brand. It is advisable to select something uniform and simple across all social media channels.

Also, outline the color combinations, graphic fonts, brand colors, brand logo, and office photos. If all this sounds daunting, you can outsource the work to a design or creative team like I Do Design Studio.

We can help you create a high-end visual identity for your wedding business through strategy and tactful designs to make your brand what couples dream of when choosing wedding professionals. Contact us today to find out how you can elevate your wedding business with intentional visuals that can win the hearts of couples.

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