Importance of Testimonials for Your Website and How to Request for Them

April 6, 2022

Since the onset of the pandemic, more customers have relied on online services. According to a survey, 76% of U.S adults shop online. That’s why, today, websites are an integral part of any wedding business. A good site provides your prospective customers with information about your business and a seamless experience for your visitors.

However, other than optimizing your site to capture more prospects, including testimonials on your site will increase conversion rates. So, in relation to that, this post will help you understand why you need a testimonial page and how to request testimonials from clients.

What Are Customer Testimonials? 

Before diving into the importance of customer testimonials, let’s figure out what the term means. A testimony represents your previous customer’s experience of working with your business. Additionally, the review can either be positive or negative.

Importance of Testimonials on Your Website 

Every review, either positive or negative, is crucial for your business’s success. You will discover why negative reviews are also good for your site in a few. However, let’s tackle the significance of all testimonials on your site for now.

Testimonials Help Build Trust 

It’s wise to have a web page dedicated to testimonials on your site. According to research, 77% of consumers read online testimonials before transacting with a business. That’s because testimonials are proof of your business transactions. They differentiate you from online scams. That, in turn, increases a prospect’s trust and confidence in your business.

They Are a Form of Referral 

Additionally, testimonials act as a form of referral to your site’s visitors. A potential customer can verify the quality of your services from your previous customers’ reviews.

Testimonials Help Prospective Customers Relate to Your Services 

For instance, a good review can indicate the customer’s need and how your product or service helped meet that need. For example, if a bride cannot settle on a theme color for their wedding, as a florist, you could put together their favorite colors and bring out a beautiful theme for their day. Such a personalized testimonial builds confidence in your business as clients can relate their needs to your services.

They Create an Emotional Connection 

When prospects read other consumers’ experiences with your business, it’s easier for them to relate. That’s because it’s easier for customers to connect with other consumers than the business owner. Testimonies build an emotional connection that builds trust in your business. So, it’s also good to include names and photos of the customers giving the testimonials to increase the emotional bond.

So, When and How Should You Ask for a Testimonial? 

Getting these testimonials can be such a hassle, especially if not done right. So, first off, you need to know the proper timing for your request to be fruitful. That could be a week or two after the wedding. It usually depends on when your clients finally settle down, with the honeymoon out of the way. However, please don’t take too long to make your request because you still need their positive opinion while the event’s experience is still fresh in their minds.

Secondly, there are several means of requesting a testimonial. It could be through a phone call, email, or a personalized card.

Phone Call 

A phone call is a great way to request a testimonial as you check on your clients. That should work perfectly, especially with millennials known for not checking their emails regularly. You can even use the phone call to inform the couple of the testimonial request email you will send and guide them on how to respond.


Emails are one of the best marketing strategies. They are great because you can easily link to your site’s testimonial page and guide instructions on writing a testimonial. Here’s a sample email template you can copy:


Thank you for allowing me to transform your dream wedding into reality. You were terrific clients. I had a blast working with you and would love to work with more people like you. If it’s okay with you, I would love a brief testimony of your experience of my services in your own words for others to see. Here’s a link to my website (ATTACH YOUR SITE’S URL).

Important to Note: Don’t send a request email with other marketing details. Let it be a direct and clear message. Also, advise your client to give an example of their fears and how you conquered them.

Personalized Note 

Lastly, a personalized card is a thoughtful package, and most people love a message of love and appreciation. You can thank the couple for choosing your business and request them to give a testimony on your site if they are comfortable with the idea.

What to Do If It’s a Negative Testimony 

If you have a few negative testimonies, it’s proof that your testimonials are not robotic. Such testimonies build more trust and credibility. They are proof of your businesses’ authenticity. So, don’t be tempted to delete such.

That said, you cannot impress everyone, and it’s good to get an honest opinion to improve on the next client. You can respond to the negative testimonial and offer your apologies for the failure to perform to their expectations. It’s proof that you are sorry and care about your customer’s experience and not just the money.

After responding to the negative comment with an apology, try reaching out to the client via email or call. That way, you can get complete details on why they were not impressed and request to offer an apology in person. However, avoid the temptation to argue or defend yourself even if you did your best. You’d be shocked to find that the same client will include a positive testimony later after your conversation.


Nothing beats testimonials marketing capabilities today. These, coupled with a good website and other marketing skills, will earn you a top spot in the industry. The secret is in giving your best and meeting your customer’s expectations. That said, I am always ready to review your site and revamp it to increase its conversion rate. Get in touch today and let your site work for you.

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