If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past 12 months, it’s that weddings are back and are better than ever. Although the epidemic may have interfered with the customary arrivals and departures of the bridal season, it is reasonable to state that ceremonies have nearly entirely recovered. Dance floors are again packed with guests, and brides and grooms are flying to far-off locations to exchange vows.

If you’re arranging a wedding for 2023, you are in for a spectacular treat! So many astounding wedding trends will be quite popular in 2023, from unusual color schemes to brand-new suggestions for your wedding and reception. Keep readings to discover trends that are sure to take the 2023 wedding scene by storm. 

Expect a Shift in Style

As 2023 approaches, we’re excited to see what the latest collections from fashion houses have in store. But if last year’s performance is any indication of what to anticipate, then we’re all in for another stunning season.

Wedding attire is evolving. The more conventional wedding dress has been superseded by sinuous silk, thigh-high slits, bridal suits, and an abundance of bows and pearls. Traditional tuxedos are making way for colorful outfits and incredibly customized accessories. 

Don your best jacket over your dress, your favorite pair of Doc Martens or Nikes, or match your dress shoes with your strangest pair of socks. Elopements, mini-weddings, and courthouse celebrations are all on the upswing, and with them, so are lovely, short bridal styles and more relaxed groom outfits.

Younger couples are no longer afraid to use colors, textures, and decorating styles that ten years ago would have horrified your grandmother. On your wedding day, don’t be afraid to show off your own sense of style!

Designers have noticed how sleeves, formerly thought of as a conservative accent to a wedding outfit, have evolved into a beloved fashion element among royal and celebrity brides. Today, wedding gowns featuring sleeves made of lace, transparent material, bell sleeves, or cap sleeves have become a standard in bridal attire. 

The rise in detachable sleeves has also increased the popularity of convertible gowns, enabling women to have a two-in-one style on their wedding day.

Petite Bouquets Are Here to Stay

Brides will scale back their floral arrangements in 2023, or at least their bouquets. Small, vintage-inspired wedding and bridesmaid bouquets made of Baby’s Breath, Sweet Alyssum, and Forget-Me-Nots will take the spotlight.

Additionally, while simple flower patterns appear attractive, they are also practical. Wedding gowns don’t come cheap. So, why not make your wedding gown the center of attention as you walk down the aisle?

More Color and Whimsy?

While we adore a nice, traditional black and white bridal color scheme, we are thrilled to see vibrant colors returning to wedding décor! There are numerous methods to add more personal touches to your wedding reception. For instance, you could incorporate vivid and distinctive flower arrangements that are used both as hanging decorations and as ground ones, fresh fruits used as table decorations, unusual color schemes, and antique accents and rentals.

This also holds for bridesmaid attire; in the years to come, expect to see more instances of mismatched bridesmaids!

Expect More Candid Photography

In the past, “blurry” wedding pictures would have ruined the wedding gallery. But they’re quite popular right now! Over the past several years, wedding photography has adopted a more relaxed aesthetic. Instead of typical set shots, couples are beginning to focus more on candid photos of their wedding day that show activity and emotion. This “editorial” style of photography will depict your wedding gallery as a page from a fashion magazine.

Direct flash photography is a popular trend set to continue into the new year and frequently coexists with the motion blue trend. Photographs that are more impromptu and paparazzi-style reflect a casually cool mood.

Alternative Forms of Entertainment Will Surface

A fantastic dance party may contribute significantly to the unique aspects of your wedding. Couples, however, appear to gravitate toward contemporary entertainment and away from a standard DJ set. Some bring dueling pianos, silent discos, or even setting up arcades or carnival rides.

Think about adding flavor to your cocktail hour by hiring a mariachi band, bringing in a string quartet, setting up a cigar rolling bar, or renting a bouncy house or outdoor activities.

A Shift to Sustainability

In 2023 and beyond, it will be impossible to find single-use plastics and other harmful materials that harm the environment. Whether it’s through locally sourced cuisine or environmentally friendly wedding favors, couples are embracing their special day as a chance to lessen their effect on global warming and planet damage.

Immersive Dinner Experiences

Weddings are more than just a show; they’re an event, and preferably one that the guests love as much as the happy couple does. Couples are gravitating more and more toward immersive dining experiences, such as meals prepared in front of guests or exhibits in gardens that capture the elegance of a wedding day.

When it comes to wedding fare, expect to see a “less is more” mindset. That means prioritizing quality over quantity when it comes to wedding fare. A few very exceptional local slices of cheese on a table with handmade plum paste and crunchy lavish is far more memorable than a grazing table covered in nuts and fruit fillers that will be thrown away.

Houseplant Decor and Backdrops

Where millennials go, houseplants follow, or so they say! As a result, it should be no surprise that plant parents are decorating their wedding settings with potted plants, from English ivy to monstera dangling out on the dance floor. Couples enjoy the greenhouse paradise that live plants cultivate in addition to desiring a more environmentally friendly option than cut flowers.

More Tropical-Themed Weddings Will Surface

Destination weddings are more desirable than ever now that travel is improving. Those getting married in 2023 will depart in search of warmer locales. The popularity of tropical destinations like Mexico, Bali, and The Whitsundays is rising. Such a laid-back yet surprising setting provides for a pleasant and special trip for couples and their friends, typically extending it at least to a weekend getaway celebration.

Planning for an Unforgettable Wedding

So there you have it! These trends are sure to make a scene in the 2023 wedding season. And when you are ready to take your website to the next level send us a message.

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