The wedding business may be a hectic field, but it builds beautiful life experiences. Every entrepreneur in this field can use all the help they can get. That’s why getting a reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool like Dubsado is a win.

You require a tool that simplifies engagements with all your clients and streamlines all your activities. That’s what you get with Dubsado. In this article, you’ll get to learn how to use this tool and implement it for the good of your wedding business. You’ll also learn about the features that make it the best CRM tool for all wedding entrepreneurs, so stick around for that.

How to Implement and Use Dubsado

It’s one of the most flexible tools to use, with tons of tutorials on how to set it up. They also have reliable customer support, always ready to help you understand how the system works. To top that up, their free trial offer is one of the best. You can try it out with three different projects to gauge your liking, which I’m sure you will love.

As if that’s not enough, their prices don’t change regarding your number of clients. They have a fixed price to enjoy the service either monthly or annually. Prices only vary when you want to make changes to your business branding or wish to include more than three team members. That’s what makes Dubsado one of the best options, especially for small businesses.

How Dubsado Helps You Save Time

As a reliable CRM tool, one of Dubsado’s qualities is that it helps in time management. With all the features it has, this tool simplifies tons of tasks. Here are some of the ways it aids in time management:

  • Dubsado has a variety of templates that are easy to customize: Because of the hectic nature of wedding businesses, being able to simplify communication is crucial. For instance, you can have email templates for each stage of communication. That way, you can easily customize them for various clients without starting from zero.
  • Lead capture and quick responses: You can set the system to tap potential clients’ details at the inquiry stage and instantly respond to their queries. Every customer dreams of a business that is responsive to their questions, and you have that covered with Dubsado as you handle other tasks.
  • Keeping track of your income: Running a business is already hectic enough to struggle with income recording or hiring an accountant, especially if you are a start-up SME. Dubsado simplifies all these for you. Since the platform allows payments with different platforms like Stripe, Square, and PayPal, you can always check how much you earn. You can also keep a cash or check payment record in the system as you tick down each stage per client.
  • Sending Reminders: With Dubsado, the system can send reminders for clients’ appointments in advance. It can also automatically remind clients of their due dates in terms of payment schedules. Also, it can remind you of any incoming tasks like sending invoices. That, in turn, reduces time wastage for both you and your clients, mainly caused by forgetting.

Automation and Workflows

Now that you understand how this tool works, let’s get down to how automated workflows can help you attain all the tool’s benefits.

The Linked Contact Form on the Website

A contact form helps potential clients make inquiries on your website. When you link your contact form to Dubsado, the system can capture your customer’s data. The client’s data is then stored in a password-protected client portal for future use, should the client proceed to the next stage.

Depending on the settings, Dubsado can respond to your client’s inquiry with either a schedule link to book an appointment or any other data. That makes it easy to capture new leads as you work on other clients. It also helps store the client’s data for future use.

Scheduling Appointments

As mentioned above, after collecting contact details, the client can view your availability schedule to book an appointment. Dubsado allows you to share your plan with potential clients through a link. Therefore, customers can see when you are available and confirm from their end before booking an appointment. That ensures both parties agree, which reduces postponing and time wastage.

The scheduler option allows you to link with your Google calendar. That way, you can plan your days better. Besides that, the scheduler also allows the rescheduling of appointments and other tasks coupled with reminders. Lastly, you and the client can receive reminders on appointments for better planning.

Customizable Proposals

Upon scheduling an appointment, you can then move to sending the proposal. With Dubsado, you can create different packages to present to potential clients. The tool allows you to customize each proposal depending on the client’s requirements. You can include details like discounts and other offers without starting afresh. All this is to save time and lessen your burden.


Contracts and Agreement Signing

Once the client selects their ideal package, Dubsado moves them to the next stage. The client can now sign a contract or agreement to begin working with you. Dubsado allows collecting signatures electronically for the contracts and agreements, which streamlines the process. It also helps you know when the client receives the contract, reviews it, and signs. That, in turn, enables you to keep track of all your customers at different stages.

Invoice and Collecting Payments

It’s the last stage of the transaction besides all the big day activities. Dubsado allows payment through PayPal, Square, and Stripe. That makes it easy for credit card users, especially in today’s economy, when flexibility is vital for any business’s success. After signing the contract, it’s time to get down to business. The system can then push the invoice to the client with payment schedules and reminders when due. What else would you ask for if not this kind of flexibility?

You Need to Get Dubsado

A lot of wedding entrepreneurs are already taking advantage of this gem. That’s why I thought you should not be left behind. So, in case you need help setting up your Dubsado account for your wedding business, reach out for more information.

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